Perfect Image landscaping services include both design/build as well as landscape maintenance.

Landscape Design Service:

Correct overall planning, consultation and design before actually carrying out a landscaping project are important factors for achieving the best results. Approval of the landscape design is obtained from the client before any work starts on a project, to ensure a smooth execution and a satisfied client.

Landscape Installation Service:

When either renovating an existing property’s landscape or starting off from scratch, Perfect Image is your neighbourhood landscaping specialist. Each landscaping job is custom to your needs and wishes. For instance, landscape installations can be drought tolerant by employing the use of plants which can survive in hot weather, with minimal watering (sometimes referred to as xeriscaping). Native plants are often planted, such as grasses and native flowers which thrive best in challenging environments and enhance your property with low maintenance plants.

Outdoor Lighting Installation and Design Service:

Lighting can make a truly dramatic difference in your landscaping. Advantages associated with outdoor lighting installation are increased security of property, usability increase throughout the day, a dramatic style enhancement that can transform your outdoor space into something really special.

Landscape Maintenance Service:

Maintenance is of course key. Perfect Image landscape maintenance includes mowing, repair of turf, fertilization, pruning of foliage, seasonal planting, flower bedding, and so on. The team is experienced and considers the seasonal timing and requirements of your yard and beds to plan for and before starting work.

Irrigation Service:

Watering is often a must in the suburban environment, or really anywhere that a run of hot weather can damage the hard work you’ve dome to build up a great looking landscape. Irrigation services include; irrigation system selection and setup, periodic system inspection, and installation of rainwater harvest systems to store and make use of the rain that falls naturally – for when it is needed most.

Drainage Control Service:

Property drainage control work is done both for surface water runoff handling systems and for below ground drainage systems. Special erosion control products may be required upon assessment of the risks your property faces from excessive rainfall or poor natural drainage.

The added advantage of our services is the fact that only experienced professionals make up our crews and so customers can be fully assured that only top-class service is provided whenever Perfect Image is involved. Our customer reviews comfirm our commitment to making excellent landscaping a reality for our customers.