Snow Removal

When winter comes, one thing that springs to mind is the cold and don’t forget – the snow. Many businesses and household tasks come to a standstill during winter after a snowfall and performing any kind of task can be almost impossible. It is often an issue to clear access points or to ensure employee and customer safety by removing snow buildup.

To make things easier for you, a snow removal service can be convenient and necessary. This kind of task often involves moving a lot of weight and repetitive motions that might not be for everyone. People with back issues for example should not be shovelling snow. Other factors include how much time and equipment you have, if you are dressed for the weather, or if you just don’t want to work up a sweat.

At Perfect image, we come through for you when you need us. We pride ourselves in ensuring your safety and stability by making sure the snow is moved to a place where it is not in the way, and applying salt or ice melter to ensure the cleared area is not slippery.

There are many reasons why private residences and businesses should consider snow removal services. In general snow removal is done to clear and make available free space on the premises or property, which may be essential and beneficial. A typical example is on laneways, drives, and pathways – clearing space for your vehicles, pedestrians and visitors to your home or business.

We have trained professionals who will do the job perfectly and know how to safely and effectively clear snow from properties in the Ontario snow belt – Kitchener snow removal can be quite the task! We supply either hand-clearing or equipped trucks depending on your needs for snow removal services.

We are standing by to help with that annual problem that might not be top of mind in warmer weather. Make sure to book early for best availability!