Tree Service

What are Tree Services?

Winter, summer, spring and fall bring different looks to your yard. With each passing season your shrubs and trees change their shape and grow. That’s why tree services for commercial and residential properties are very important in order to maintain a perfect landscape.

Our tree services are provided by experienced professionals who have been dealing with trees, shrubs and stump removal for quite some time. Some of these expert areas include complete tree and shrub removal, expert tree trimming and tree pruning, bracing and cabling of weakened trees to reduce risk, tree disease inspection and control, lot clearing, stump grinding, spraying, fertilizing, cleaning up storm damage as well as property maintenance.

Why Tree Care Services?

Tree pruning plays an important role in improving and maintaining the health of trees. A pruned tree is one that is inspected, then managed for the health and appearance of your tree cover – and even the energy savings of shade or wind-break! A strong tree is one that will resist damage and reduce costs associated with damaged tree trimming and even removal.

Tree removal can be very important because if trees are left to die off and rot they can become vulnerable to falling over any time, which can create unnecessary hazards to anyone living nearby. A tree can also destroy a plumbing or sewer installation if its roots are established beneath the plumbing or sewer network (or septic beds for those in rural areas) and potentially pull it out of location. This can be very costly to remedy, and the best way to avoid such losses may be by removing the tree.

Another issue with unwelcome tree growth is that they can indeed disrupt and damage property such as paths, sidewalks, pools and retaining walls.

Weather and trees are partners – either for your benefit, or sometimes for your risk. If you live in a place where weather is often severe and your home is surrounded by trees with untrimmed branches, chances are that the long branches can break and cause damage or even injuries. Furthermore, storms can uproot a tree and can fall on a home or utility lines causing major liability and financial damages.

Apart from avoiding hazards, tree trimming is a recommended practice that makes your home more beautiful and appealing. The trees that grace your lawn will be more attractive. Tree trimming and pruning also encourages continued growth of strong, healthy and lovely trees. Tree disease control services ensure that your trees are strong, in good health, and not infested with harmful insects.

How does Perfect Image Tree Services make your home and business beautiful, safe, and trouble-free? By paying attention to the details that you may not notice, acting on our experience, and leaving you with a property that brings peace of mind.